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Top 10 Phone System Features

Auto Attendant

An Auto attendant or 24/7 Virtual Receptionist ensures your business never misses a call.

Day and night greetings ensure your business never misses a call. Especially when resources are limited, the correct PBX configuration can prevent:
• Potential customers hanging up
• The phone ringing out
• Annoying and frustrating delays in getting through to the correct department/person

For Example:

  1. Dial 1 for Sales department

  2. Dial 2 for Spare Parts

  3. Dial 3 for Accounts

  4. Dial 4 for the Operator


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Call Redirection

It is vital to be able to transfer calls to the correct department or personnel with ease and efficiency. Most phone systems have this capability but it is up to the customer to decide what type of transfers they may want to do:

For Example-

  1. Transfer a call to a mobile telephone

  2. Transfer a call to a remote worker

  3. Transfer a call to another office or site within the business

The responses to these transfer or call redirection types will influence the type of software and hardware required.


Visual Voicemail

Voicemail can be a great time and money saver if used correctly. Voicemail enables callers to leave messages and allows you to prioritise call backs.

Visual voicemail uses visual one touch keys to record greetings, play back, delete, forward to email or groups rather than waiting for prompts and using long winded codes.

On Hold Messaging

Current statistics suggest that upto 70% of callers are put on hold for at least 43 seconds. Professionally recorded on hold messaging solutions can utilise this time to create increased awareness about your products and services.

Some options for the caller to hear are:

  • welcome greeting

  • passive royalty free music

  • advertising message on hold about the business they are calling

  • promoting other products that caller may not know much about

Benefits of On Hold Messaging:

  • Avoid impersonal automated sound or silence

  • Promote your other products and services

  • Keep customers intrigued

  • Avoid hang ups

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Enquire today about having your own customised On Hold package with your new system. There are solutions to suit all types of customers.


Mobile Twinning

Mobile twinning or pairing with a desktop phone enables you to take a call on either device.  Callers can be provided with one contact number to reach you, enabling you to stay connected where ever you are.





Empower your Reception operator with visual indication of your availability to take a call.  With a quick glance at a PC screen, enable them to check your ability to take the call and allow them to put the caller through correctly and promptly whether you are in the office or on the road.  Putting callers on hold while the Receptionist tries to locate you is frustrating and a waste of time, not to mention the lack of professionalism it conveys.

Be sure to ask one of our Sales Specialists about these software applications and how they can work for your business.


 Avaya -one -x -portal -ip -office

Call Recording

"For quality and training purposes…", like it or not, call recording is a frequent occurrence.  Embrace the technology and use it to improve the way you do business.  Call recording can be a fantastic tool for any sales and service business.  Real life examples of your staff's call handling skills can be invaluable in training.

Call recording is also a valuable addition for businesses that require voice signatures for accepting verbal orders or instructions.

Portable wireless DECT phones can be integrated with new phone systems to enable workers to be truly mobile in the place of work.  Most phone systems will support full feature transparency similar to those of fixed desk handsets.

DECT phones are suited to a multitude of business environments such as:
•    Mining
•    Education
•    Manufacturing
•    Transport
•    Pathology labs
•    Supermarkets


 An audio teleconference call is a telephone call between multiple parties from 3-64 like on an Avaya IP Office. Conference calls can be designed so that the calling party adds each individual caller to the conference call or participants can dial into a telephone number using a PIN. This is referred to as a conference bridge.

Businesses use conference calls for many and varied reasons, they can be used in conjunction with web conferences where presentations and documents can be shared online. Some conference calls can even be recorded for transcripting purposes and provided to participants as a record.

If conference calling is important to your business, please speak to us about the most suitable equipment.


Auswide Communications Support, one of your most important business assets

A communications system is the life blood of any business, enabling customers to reach you and you to reach them. This most critical piece of equipment for the survival of your business surely deserves to be protected by peace of mind technical support to ensure prompt help is always at hand should anything disrupt your communications.

Auswide Communications customer care is the ideal support solution to your communications system. It delivers technical support in conjunction with guaranteed service levels.

Key Features of our Support are:

  1. Comprehensive coverage hours to suit your needs, ranging from standard business hours only, right through to 24 hours, 7 days a week support

  2. Guaranteed response times

  3. Coverage of parts and labour costs for your nominated equipment

  4. Expert support from our nation-wide network

  5. Remote resolution of faults

  6. Customised solutions based on your business demands


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