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Selecting a Telephone System

Is it time for a new telephone system? Take the time to ask a few critical questions; the answers could make the difference between selecting a valuable business tool rather than just an instrument that takes up desk space.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is why your business needs a new phone system:

-           Are you moving to a new site?

-          Are you extending so you need a capacity upgrade?

-          Do you need a technology update on the existing system?

How does your business currently operate?

-          The nature of your business

-          Number of users in your business

-          What are your current call volumes

What are your anticipated future requirements?  (Make your ultimate wish list – technology is more affordable than you may think.)

-          Do you need broadband or data services should be changed to? Is data and the internet integral to your business?

-          Expected call volumes at any one point in time

-          Keep in touch with remote or on the road workers

-          Loud bell or factory ringers

Ask a few more questions:

-          What kind of call handling options do you prefer?

-          Do you need a menu to select departments?

-          Do you need voice messaging solutions?

-          What do you want your callers to hear when they are being transferred or put on hold?

-          Do you want the receptionist to be able to talk and type at the same time?

-          Would you like to have more flexibility toward your business such as mobility and remote control?

-          Implementation time

Discuss these and all your other questions with our friendly staff and we will help you find the most suitable business phone system within your budget. 

If you need more information, Auswide Communications has published the following papers to assist you with the task of selecting a replacement business telephone system.

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