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Phone Phreaking

Have you heard about the frightening new trend of phone phreaking?

Phone Phreaking is the unauthorised use of a private phone system to make illegal calls by hacking into voicemail systems and programming ports.

Phreaking allows someone from anywhere to use a private phone system to have their calls diverted to any number, anytime!

Telecommunications fraud- a universal problem

Phreaking is a global problem with fraud estimated at $52billion per annum affecting both small and large companies.

And don't think for one moment your business is immune to this global problem as you are not!

Scary facts about phone phreaking

  • Software is freely available to crack 16-digit passwords
  • Once a PABX is phreaked, calls can be routed anywhere in the world
  • Telcos/carriers will bill these as valid calls and EXPECT PAYMENT
  • The Telco bill is often the FIRST sign of a phreaking attack
  • Most phone fraud is done in a short time and usually after hours
  • Your business faces a huge financial risk as it is quite complicated to convince your carrier that none of your staff made the calls!

Some examples of what hackers can do to your business


  • Launch and sustain TDoS attacks flooding phone systems any time with unauthorised calls, which will prevent a business from receiving or making any calls at all often for hours
  • By-pass firewalls to gain access to data networks
  • Re-program phone systems any way they like including denying access to authorised phone system maintainers
  • Listen to voicemail messages
  • Forward voicemail messages to anyone, anywhere
  • Eavesdrop on calls
  • Insert their own audio into any calls
  • Crash phone systems
  • Corrupt the programming databases of phone systems . . .



You protect your computer equipment against hackers, so why not your phone system?

Auswide Communications can install 'Control Phreak' software on your system which is a fully automatic PABX firewall.

It provides full security on your PABX system, stops backdoor access to your PABX and controls employees and after hour calls.

We develop separate security policies for inbound, outbound and diverted calls, and rules for day-of-week and time-of-day.  The policy violations are killed in milliseconds giving you complete peace of mind.


Ring now to install Control Phreak software and start protecting your business today


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